W.F.Bach: Complete Edition Vol. 1


The first Complete Edition of the surviving works of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach will be initiated with his sonatas and concertos for harpsichord. Peter Wollny (Bach-Archiv Leipzig) is the director of this critical edition, for which 11 volumes are planned. These opulent volumes will include the highest quality music engraving, facsimile reproductions, as well as detailed forewords in German, English, together with a Critical Report.


full score (complete edition / selected edition)

200 pages, 25 x 32 cm, clothbound
EUR99,50 / copies

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Die sechs Flötenduette von Wilhelm Friedemann Bach gehören zu dem schönsten, was im Spätbarock [...] für Traversflöte geschrieben wurde.
Inés Zimmermann, Tibia Nr. 4/2012

Ces six sonates sont les duos les plus expressifs, les plus ambitieux et les mieux écrits pour la flûtes de cette époques.
Traversières, N°103, 2012

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