Walter Feldmann: Esquisse: << le froid >>

Walter Feldmann

Esquisse: << le froid >>

for marimbaphone solo and 15 instruments


The texts of the French author Anne-Marie Albiach have long been the point of departure for the works by Feldmann. A twofold perspective of the text underlies the composition Esquisse : « le froid » : on the one hand, there is a spoken reading of the text, in which time of recitation is measured out, and on the other hand, there is a graphic measuring of the text. The latter serves as a foundation - the "genetic code" - for the temporal structures of the solo marimba, supported arally by the harp and piano. The reading appears int the rhythmic surfaces of the accompanying ensemble. Each word of the spoken text has its own instrumentation, and thus a compact network of instrumental combinations is created, in which, word by word, the text is made audible.


full score

44 pages, DIN A4, paperback
EUR48,00 / copies

set of parts, complete orchestral parts, on loan

DIN A4, without cover
  • consisting of
    1 x individual part, violin, on loan (16.335/11)
    1 x individual part, viola, on loan (16.335/12)
    1 x individual part, violoncello, on loan (16.335/13)
    1 x individual part, double bass, on loan (16.335/14)

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