The concert and opera singer Cornelius Hauptmann initiated the charitable LIEDERPROJEKT to further singing with children in 2009. The LIEDERPROJEKT promotes singing with children through access to the music, texts and "sing-along" versions of all songs free of charge on the internet at and by financially supporting projects devoted to singing with children. It offers the highest quality with carefully selected songs and extensive research, and with outstanding singers and accompanists e.g. Christiane Iven, Jonas Kaufmann and Angelika Kirchschlager, as well as over 300 children who sing for the project.

  • The most beautiful songs

    Anyone looking for a wide-ranging selection from the classic treasury of songs from German-speaking countries in a beautifully-produced volume will strike lucky with this song book. Families with children will enjoy using this volume over the years. The choice of songs is as colorful as life itself: songs for celebrations, for telling stories, playing, laughing and dancing, enjoying the seasons, friendship, the pleasures and pains of love, going to sleep. As well as folk songs, the book also contains songs from other countries which have already become standards, plus lots of rounds.

  • Children's songs

    In 2011 the LIEDERPROEJKT turned to the German "Children's songs" ("Kinderlieder"), a collection of the most beautiful German children’s songs. The songbook, imaginative and colorful illustrated by Markus Lefrançois, and the CDs with a colourful combination of child soloists, children’s choirs, concert singers and instrumental ensembles, will make not only children want to sing.