Folk Songs

Folk Songs

The LIEDERPROJEKT invites you on a musical journey of discovery following the path of traditional folk songs! The aim is to track down treasures from the folk song repertoire – the well-known and the obscure – from far and wide, to listen to them, and to sing them yourself.

Editor Mirjam James has researched the musical traditions of the British Isles from way before the Beatles, and has compiled a superb selection of folk songs from England, but also from Wales, Scotland and Irland, making a wonderful choral collection. These songs have often been handed down in choirs over the centuries.

The Calmus Ensemble has been on a musical journey round the world. Folk songs from five continents, superbly arranged for this outstanding vocal quintet, can be heard on this year’s LIEDERPROJEKT CD.

With this in mind, travel with us!

Choral Collection Folk Songs

The Folk Songs choral collection explores the musical world of Great Britain and Ireland. It contains 21 arrangements of English-language verse songs, canons, and ballads for mixed unaccompanied...

choral collection, conductor's score, with CD

Folk Songs

The LIEDERPROJEKT on a musical journey of discovery: With Folk Songs , the Calmus Ensemble invites you on a vocal journey around the world! From Ireland and England to Scandinavia, Russia, Taiwan...

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