Love songs

Love songs

Love as an unending source of musical inspiration: from medieval courtly songs through Beethoven's Ich liebe dich to the Beatles song And I love her . Over the centuries, composers have been inspired and stimulated by the theme of love. Many couples now associate the memory of their first meeting or first kiss with a particular song, a musical spark which first lights the fire between two people, and continues to light up their love.

The more we immerse ourselves in the musical world of love songs, the broader the spectrum of human emotions becomes: songs which celebrate romantic love, secret love, longing from afar, jealousy, loss. Texts and melodies may have been adapted to fit with fashion over the centuries, but the feelings celebrated are so current that they continue to move us deeply today.

Love songs

Love songs. Song book with Singalong-CD

What would love be without music – or music without love! Many couples associate unforgettable beautiful hours, a first meeting, or first kiss with a particular song. And composers have always...

Songbook, with Singalong-CD

Love songs. CD vol. 1

Purcell’s Sweeter than roses , Rheinberger’s Wasserfee , and Freddie Mercury’s Love of my life . LIEBESLIEDER Vol. 1 contains a selection of wonderful old and new love songs sung by...

Compact Disc

Love songs. CD vol. 2

From Mendelssohn’s choral setting Andenken to If music be the food of love and Kunst des Küssens – LIEBESLIEDER Vol. 2 contains a selection of wonderful old and new love songs, sung by...

Compact Disc

Love songs. Choral collection with CD

In every century, love is probably the most frequently-celebrated theme. The choral anthology for the LIEDERPROJEKT installment brings together 40 love songs from all eras in well-known and new,...

choral collection, with CD