Händel: Israel in Egypt - Part I-III. carus music

Georg Friedrich Händel

Israel in Egypt - Part I-III

HWV 54,5, 1739


Handel's "Israel in Egypt" is not only a large-scale oratorio, but in particular, the chorus has a major part to sing, and the soloists less so. The carus music version contains all three parts of the oratorio. In the first part, which can also be separately performed as the Funeral Anthem, the corresponding singing text is underlaid additionally in italics. In "Israel in Egypt" a wide range of expression is required from the chorus – sometimes rejoicing festively, sometimes dramatic and expressive. Confidence in the text and the notes is a prequisite, so that these contrasts can be shown to their best advantage. Practice makes perfect! 

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Performers: Antonia Bourvé, (soprano), Cornelia Winter (soprano), Terry Wey (alto), Michael Hofmeister (alto), Jan Kobow (tenore), Konstantin Wolff (basso), Markus Flaig (basso) – Vocalensemble Rastatt, Les Favorites – Holger Speck


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12,5 x 14 cm, without cover

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