Mendelssohn: Christus. Part II: The Passion of Christ. carus music

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy


Oratorio fragament. Part I: The Birth of Christ; Part II: The Passion of Christ

MWV A 26, 1847


Christus is a fragment of an oratorio which Mendelssohn never completed. He had probably planned a third section to follow the two sections Die Geburt Christi and Das Leiden Christi. Das Leiden Christi essentially comprises compact choral sections which alternate with short recitatives. Here, two choral groups frequently sing in dialog and interrupt each other with "hin und her" ("near and far") and "kreuzige, kreuzige" ("crucify"). There is no time to read the notes or count the beats – the entries must fit together!

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Performers: Dorothea Rieger (soprano), Monika Meier-Schmid (soprano), Isolde Assenheimer (alto), Mechthild Seitz (alto), Stephan Dürr (tenore), Bernhard Scheffel (tenore), Johannes Happel (baritone), Cornelius Hauptmann (basso), Adolph Seidel (basso) – Kammerchor Stuttgart, Bamberger Symphoniker – Frieder Bernius


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