Homilius: Ergreifet die Psalter, ihr christlichen Chöre. carus music

Gottfried August Homilius

Ergreifet die Psalter, ihr christlichen Chöre

Cantata for Advent



The cantata "Ergreifet die Psalter, ihr christlichen Chöre" for the first Sunday in Advent was written during Homilius' time as Kreuzkantor in Dresden, but cannot be more precisely dated than that. The dialog form of the opening chorus ("Wer ist derselbe König der Ehren? Es ist der Herr, stark und mächtig.") is reflected in the double-choir structure of the work. A special feature and a challenge are the recurring a cappella passages. Here, self-confidence and support are required in the choir!

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Performers: Katja Fischer (soprano), Alexander Schneider (alto), Martin Petzold (tenore), Jochen Kupfer (basso) – Körnerscher Sing-Verein Dresden – Peter Kopp


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