Kay Johannsen: Song of Hope

Kay Johannsen

Song of Hope



“Song of Hope”, composed by Kay Johannsen the Kantor of the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart in 2016, is a Fantasia in G minor based on a six-measure melody. It is improvisatory in style and has a melancholy basic character. Over the course of the work, the melodic idea is varied rhythmically several times, and is heard in the treble, tenor and bass registers. Against a quiet basic pulse, the accompanying harmonies appear in the manuals and pedals mostly in subtly matching rhythms, reminiscent of a saxophone soloist with a discreet supporting jazz band. The dynamic of the piece grows from piano to a fundamental forte, and for the conclusion a fine pianissimo is required. “Song of Hope” is composed for two-manual organ, with a duration of four-and-a-half minutes. The expressive harmonies and the hidden “swing” of the music communicate directly with audiences, including those with less musical experience.


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8 pages, 23 x 32 cm, without cover
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