Choral collection Great Opera Choruses - Mozart · Haydn (choir & piano)


The collection includes 19 opera choruses by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn, arranged for choir with piano accompaniment. The most beautiful choruses from the most popular of Mozart's operas are published in one volume, together with opera choruses by Joseph Haydn. While since they were first composed it would be difficult to imagine the opera repertoire without most of Mozart's operas, in the case of Haydn there are still unknown treasures waiting to see the light of day. But even among Mozart's works it is still possible to make new discoveries.

All of the choruses in this varied collection of both known and unknown works by these two great masters contain piano accompaniments and the original singing texts, as well as German translations (where applicable). The piece for four-part mixed choir range from easy to mid-level difficulty. A supplementary economical edition for choir (editionchor, without piano accompaniment) has also been published.

All the choruses in this colorful mixture of well known and unknown by the two great masters have piano
accompaniment and the original text, as well as German singing translations (where applicable).

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Choral collection Great Opera Choruses - Mozart · Haydn. Editionchor, choral collection, editionchor

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