Kinderlieder für alle! 35 Lieder zum Mitsingen


For connoisseurs, dancing bears and bargain hunters: Kinderlieder für alle! is now available as a CD without the song book at an attractive price. Kinderlieder für alle! (Children’s songs for everyone!) That means 35 songs to sing along with – best suited for singing together in kindergarten or primary school. Well-known and loved German children’s songs have been brought together with songs from other cultures. They are suitable for many occasions, e.g., birthdays, greetings, accompanying the seasons and other celebrations. Many songs can be sung in different languages – song texts are available in, among others, Arabic, Turkish and Russian, as well as in German and English.

The songs, which were sung by children for children, have been recorded in fabulous and varied performances. Those taking part include the “Kinder vom Kleistpark” from Berlin, the “Vokalhelden der Berliner Philharmoniker” and many other children’s and youth choirs.


Compact Disc

12,5 x 14 cm, CD in jewel case
EUR9,90 / copies

Kinderlieder für alle! 35 Lieder zum Mitsingen. Liederbuch mit CD, collection

12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
EUR19,90 / copies
Available from 1 copies
from 1 copies 19,90 EUR
from 20 copies 15,00 EUR

Product information


35 Works Show


Christopher Corr Personal details


Klaus Konrad Weigele Personal details
Jens Tröndle Personal details
Peter Schindler Personal details
Friedhilde Trüün Personal details


Wir Kinder vom Kleistpark Personal details
SingsalaSing, Ensemble der Landesakademie, Ochsenh Personal details
Tübinger Neckarschwalben Personal details
Vokalhelden der Berliner Philharmoniker Personal details

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