Carus Contemporary

59 Artikel

In the series Carus Contemporary, editor Stefan Schuck presents international composers who specialize in choral composition and whose works inspire new choral sounds. As experts with the instrument of “the choir,” these composers often have extensive experience of their own both as singers and chorally, and consciously exploit the tonal colors of the singers’ voices. In the process, fascinat ing possibilities develop for interpreting texts musically. For amateur choirs interested in new sounds, these works are often very approachable. The works in our new series differ from the neo-romantic mainstream, differ from works based just on opulent sound. Challenging texts and the way they are subtly set to music are the hallmarks of the pieces chosen for the series. Choral singers and directors will be offered a wide range of material on the works in the Carus Contemporary series to help with learning the pieces. As well as detailed information on the composers and works (which can also be used in your own program booklets) these include recordings of the pieces and free practice parts for the choral singers.