Choral collection Mozart / Haydn, vol. IV. Secular choral music for mixed voices a cappella or with keyboard instrument


With great success Carus-Verlag published the Choral collections Mozart · Haydn Vol. I–III for the Mozart year 2006, with sacred works by the father and son Mozart and the brothers Joseph and Michael Haydn. For the fourth volume, secular choral works for mixed choir a cappella and with accompaniment of a keyboard instrument have been prepared. Original pieces, among them several choral songs by Michael Haydn published here for the first time, are joined by arrangements. Musically and literarily this collection contain a broad and varied repertoire: easily performable music for home or for social occasions, in which cheerful and erotic as well as meditative and pensive themes appear.

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88 pages, 19 x 27 cm, paperback
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