Johann Ernst Eberlin

1702 - 1762

Personal details

*1702 in Jettingen near Burgau, +1762 in Salzburg. From 1712 pupil at the Jesuit Grammar School and the St. Salvator High School in Augsburg, where he was taught music by Georgius Egger and organ by Balthasar Siberer. 1721 – 1726 studied law at the Benedictine University in Salzburg (without graduating). At the Court and Cathedral of Salzburg he worked his way from fourth organist in 1727 to first organist in 1742. Became Hofkapellmeister in 1749; besides providing accompaniment for church services his duties also included participation in Tafelmusik (music for feasts and banquets), court concerts and court theatre performances as well as composing for these events. Eberlin composed works in various genres, both sacred and secular: oratorios, masses and organ works as well as theatre music, school dramas and symphonies. He found greater recognition in the South German Catholic area after his death.