Mädchenkantorei Domkirche St. Eberhard, Stuttgart

Personal details

The Mädchenkantorei an der Domkirche St. Eberhard was founded in January 1994 by Martin Dücker, Music Director of St. Eberhard Cathedral. 140 girls, ranging in age from 5 to 18, sing in four different age groups. They are coached by four experienced voice teachers. The repertoire spans music from all historical periods, including world premiere performances such as Minas Borboudakis’s “Psalm 23”, Frank Gerhardt’s “enthüllt/ohne erde,” and Jürgen Essl’s “Missa alta.” To commemorate the 100th birthday of Olivier Messiaen the Mädchenkantorei sang the “Trois petites liturgies de la présence divine” in three concerts sponsored by the “Foundation of the State of Baden-Württemberg.”