Peter Schindler


Personal details

Composer, pianist and organist Peter Schindler writes and performs music for ballets and theatrical performances, films and dramatic recordings, instrumental and choral arrangements, chansons and sacred works. He is particularly passionate about his compositions for children and young adults, which has come to comprise hundreds of humourous children’s songs (Kinderhits mit Witz). His full-length musicals include Geisterstunde auf Schloss Eulenstein (Witching Hour at Eulenstein Castle), Max und die Käsebande (Max and the Cheese Gang), König Keks (Cookie King), Zirkus Furioso (Circus Allegro), and SCHOCKORANGE. These musicals are some of the most frequently played pieces of their kind by children’s and youth choirs in German-speaking theaters and schools. With his first English musical Circus Allegro, Peter’s hugely sucessful work for all kids under 100 is now also accessible to audiences around the world.