Schütz: Christmas History SWV 435. carus music

Heinrich Schütz

Christmas History

L'Histoire de Noël

SWV 435, 1664


Schütz’s Christmas History for soloists and six-part chorus (SSATTB) is an extremely vivid and palpable interpretation of the Christmas story. The musical setting of the words finds its highpoint in the central role of the evangelist, who embodies the idea of music related to the text like no other character; the chorus is also used in specific ways to add emotional depth to the text. Whilst the shepherds are portrayed in folk-like manner by touchingly simple musical means, the chorus of angels is characterized by rousing praise and joy. Common to all parts of the Christmas History is a lightness which, no matter how tangible and direct the music may be, presents every singer with a challenge.

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Performers: Gerlinde Sämann (soprano), Marie Luise Werneburg (soprano), Isabel Jantschek (soprano), Stefan Kunath (alto),  Maria Stosiek (alto), Tobias Mäthger (tenore), Georg Poplutz (tenore), Felix Schwandtke (basso) – Dresdner Kammerchor, Dresdner Barockorchester – Hans-Christoph Rademann


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