Mendelssohn: Gloria. carus music

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Gloria in E flat major

MWV A 1, 1821/22


Mendelssohn composed the Gloria at the age of 13. It is his first larger-scale church music composition, one where he uses a Latin text from the Catholic tradition for the first time. Musically, in many respects the Gloria displays Mendelssohn’s youthful joy in experimenting in unknown territory. For the choral singers it is important that the notes are secure so that the rapid passages of eighth notes have the desired lightness, particularly in the opening and final choruses. In the "Qui tollis" the challenge lies in the rapid sequence of entries. In order that the music maintains its momentum and flow, all the voice parts need to be confident and enter without hesitation.

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Performers: Monica Groop (alto), Werner Güra (tenore), – Kammerchor Stuttgart, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen – Frieder Bernius


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