Homilius: Weihnachtsoratorium. Die Freude der Hirten über die Geburt Jesu. carus music

Gottfried August Homilius

Die Freude der Hirten über die Geburt Jesu

Christmas oratorio

HoWV I.1


This Christmas oratorio is one of two major vocal works by Homilius which were published during his lifetime. He set the pastoral subject popular at the time in all its facets for unusually large instrumental forces. Each movement has its own atmosphere. The notes need to be secure in order to communicate the nimble cheerfulness of the first choir, the gentleness of the lullaby "Schlaf, Sohn aus Davids Stamm", and the celebration of the final chorus.

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Performers: Christiane Kohl (soprano), Annette Markert (alto), Marcus Ullmann (tenore), Tobias Berndt (basso) – Sächsisches Vocalensemble – Ludwig Güttler


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12,5 x 14 cm, without cover

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