Carus Choir Coach

Carus Choir Coach

The Carus Choir Coach offers choir singers the unique opportunity to study and learn their own, individual choral parts within the context of the sound of the entire choir and orchestra. For every vocal range a separate CD containing each choir part is available. The CD is based on recorded interpretations by renowned artists who have performed the work from carefully prepared Carus Urtext editions. Each choir part is presented in three different versions:


  •  Original recording
  •  Coach: each part is accompanied by the piano, with the original recording sounding in the background
  •  Coach in slow mode: the tempo of the coach slows down to 70% of the original version – through this reduction passages can be learned more effectively.

>> Here you will find all the practice CD from the series Carus Choir Coach.

Carus Choir Coach

Bach: Jesu, meine Freude (Motette). Carus Choir Coach

This motet is quite different. As a five-part work in several movements with constant alternation between chorale and motet-like setting of the text, its vitality comes from the changes between...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, mp3, soprano

Fauré: Requiem op. 48. Carus Choir Coach

Gabriel Fauré's Requiem is the key work among the sacred compositions by the French master. Already during the composer's lifetime, it proved very successful with the audiences, and...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, mp3, soprano

J. S. Bach: Magnificat in D BWV 243. Carus Choir Coach

Bach composed particularly demanding and difficult works in his first year in Leipzig in 1723. These include the Magnificat , first written in E flat major and reworked about eight years later...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, mp3, soprano

Mendelssohn: Der 42. Psalm. Carus Choir Coach.

In 1837 Robert Schumann judged Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 Wie der Hirsch schreit (Like as the hart) as the "highest standard which has been achieved amongst recent church music". This work is...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, soprano

Mozart: Requiem (Süßmayr). Carus Choir Coach.

The composition of the Requiem is surrounded by anecdotes and legends. Mozart’s student Franz Xaver Süßmayr completed the unfinished work after Mozart’s death. But in musical terms, the...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, mp3, soprano

Saint-Saëns: Oratorio de Noël. Carus Choir Coach.

Saint-Saëns’ delicate-sounding Oratorio de Noël , in the tradition of the Catholic rite, offers a few lyrical, expressive movements in which the chorus has a dialog with one or more of the...

Compact Disc, Practice-CD, soprano

Bach: B Minor Mass. Carus Choir Coach

Bach's Mass in B minor poses one of the really great challenges of the entire choral literature. The proportion of choir participation is very high and the choral settings are among the...

Compact Disc, mp3, Practice-CD, soprano

Monteverdi: Vespers 1610. Carus Choir Coach

Monteverdi’s Vespers 1610 is now one of those pieces – like Handel’s Messiah or Bach’s Passions – which every choral singer wants to sing at some point. But reading the music...

Compact Disc, 4 Ex., Practice-CD, soprano