Johann Michael Haydn: Missa Sancti Raphaelis

Johann Michael Haydn

Missa Sancti Raphaelis

MH 87


Michael Haydn composed three of his masses in honor of the holy archangels – St Michael, St Gabriel, and the Raphaelismesse in honor of St Raphael now published. By avoiding the use of vocal soloists, it is one of the genre of "Missa in pieno". Four trumpets and two ad lib oboe parts added later by the composer give the work a festive sound in the baroque tradition. At the same time, elements of the 'sensitive style' feature too. The Gloria and Credo exist in two settings, a short version with polytextual passages and a longer version arranged by Haydn himself. The Carus edition, based on authentic performance material in St. Peter's Monastery in Salzburg, contains both versions, with the longer version published here for the first time.




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