Mitten wir im Leben sind. Romantische Musik für Männerchor (Carus Classics)


On the occasion of its 40th anniversary Carus has initiated a new series Carus Classics, featuring outstanding CD productions from the past library of recordings. This exclusive collection, designed by Friedrich Forssman and Cornelia Feyll, is presented in high-quality DigiPacs and each CD includes an extensive booklet. In terms of sound, the warm, deep tones of a men’s choir corresponded in a special way to the musical ideals of the Romantic era. The present recording contains a representative cross section of sacred works from the 19th century for men’s choir in most expressive interpretations.


disque compact

12,5 x 14 cm, CD, digipac
EUR9,90 / Ex.

Informations produit


7 Œuvre Afficher

chef d'orchestre

Eberhard Metternich Plus d'information sur la personne


collegium vocale Limburg Plus d'information sur la personne

solist - orgue

Hans Jürgen Wulf Plus d'information sur la personne

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