Reger Édition, vol. II/7: Œeuvres vocales avec accompagnement d'orgue


This volume contains Reger’s 22 songs, nine duets, and eight choruses with organ accompaniment, as well as his five chorale cantatas (WoO V/4). The sacred songs with organ accompaniment range from the expansive songs of op. 19 (1898) composed specifically for church concerts, to the simple songs of op. 137 (1914), reminiscent of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Schemelli Gesangbuch collection. Reger’s chorale cantatas, composed in the years 1903 to 1906, are scored for soloists, chorus, congregational singing, (solo) instruments, and organ. They were written at the suggestion of the theologian Friedrich Spitta who wanted to win church music back as a part of worship by including integrated congregational singing. In these cantatas, as Reger emphasized, "the complete text of the chorale is through-composed – each verse differently, according to the content of the text."

The Max-Reger-Institut (MRI) in Karlsruhe is publishing a scholarly-critical edition of the works of Reger (RWA) for the first time. This is supported by the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature, and as a Hybrid Edition, it is pursuing new directions in editorial techniques.



conducteur (édition intégrale)

292 Pages, 25 x 32 cm, relié en toile
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