Schubert: Messe in G. carus music

Franz Schubert

Messe en sol majeur

Erstausgabe nach den Klosterneuburger Stimmen

D 167


It was only later that Schubert decided to emphasize the festive character of the mass through the use of brilliant trumpets and timpani; the original scoring is more sparse. The genuineness of the composer’s faith is particularly moving in this work, as is evident in the changes and omissions of the text in the Gloria and Credo sections. The demands on the choir, in particular in the high soprano, should not be underestimated despite the simple, riveting melodies and a clear structure of the movements.

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Performers: Edith Lienbacher (soprano), Barbara Hölzl (alto), Alexander Kaimbacher (tenore), Anton Scharinger (basso) – Wiener Kammerchor, Wiener Orpheus Orchester – Johannes Prinz


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12,5 x 14 cm, sans couverture

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12,5 x 14 cm, sans couverture

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