Stuttgart Schütz Edition: Kleine geistliche Konzerte II. 31 geistliche Konzerte für 1-5 Singstimmen und Bc (Complete edition, vol. 10)


The Kleine geistliche Konzerte by Heinrich Schütz represent solo vocal music right at the height of its time, the result of his (second) journey to Italy and his encounter with Claudio Monteverdi’s musico-dramatic works. Part I of the Kleine Geistliche Konzerte, published in 1636, can already by seen as a pattern book of compositions, and based on their structure Schütz was then able to set more extensive pieces. This applies even more impressively to the second book because of its often daring harmonies and more intensive declamation; the book was issued in 1639 and is now newly published in the Stuttgart Schütz Edition in the original keys and with the original order of pieces newly recreated according to the first printed edition.



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