Christoph Schönherr: Hezekiah

Christoph Schönherr


Oratorio based on the Words of the Old Testament



The dramatic narrative of the Old Jewish King Hezekiah in Blues and Rock. The composition is steeped in Baroque and Romantic oratorio tradition and formally related to Bach’s techniques of recitative and “turba” choruses, and particularly to Mendelssohn’s oratorios. Based on Old Testament texts from the Second Book of Kings and the Book of Isaiah, the somber and sorrowful narrative is musically portrayed by means of many stylistic characteristics of the blues, in particular the frequent use of 6/8 and 12/8 meter. Thus, the Introduction opens in 6/8 meter and, together with the final chorus “For the dead, they cannot praise you,” forms both a narrative framework and a stylistic bracket for the entire composition. The oratorio Hezekiah can thus be regarded as a bridging composition, connecting as it does the traditional composition techniques with the harmonies and grooves of popular music of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. A German version is available.


conducteur, anglais

366 Pages, DIN A4, livre de poche
EUR102,00 / Ex.

réduction pour piano, anglais

192 Pages, 19 x 27 cm, livre de poche
EUR29,95 / Ex.

jeu de parties séparées, matériel d'orchestre complet, en prêt

DIN A4, sans couverture
  • Contient
    1 x partie isolée, violon 1, en prêt (28.104/11)
    1 x partie isolée, violon 2, en prêt (28.104/12)
    1 x partie isolée, alto, en prêt (28.104/13)
    1 x partie isolée, violoncelle, en prêt (28.104/14)

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