C. P. E. Bach:  Magnificat. carus music

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach


BR-CPEB E 4 (Wq 215), 1749


With his first major vocal work, his Magnificat of 1749, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach created a magnificent and forward-looking setting of this well-known text, a work quite unrivalled for its time. In the choral writing, CPE Bach used a quite different style from the predominantly homophonic style of some of his later works. Unusual harmonic turns and independent part-writing in the fugal movements and elsewhere result in demanding, yet attractive parts for choral singers.


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Performers: Monika Mauch (soprano), Matthias Rexroth (alto), Hans Jörg Mammel (tenore), Gotthold Schwarz (basso) – Basler Madrigalisten, L'arpa festante – Fritz Näf



App, itunes, Le prix peut varier suivant le pays de livraison

12,5 x 14 cm, sans couverture

App, Google Play, Le prix peut varier suivant le pays de livraison

12,5 x 14 cm, sans couverture

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