Johann Sebastian Bach: For the righteous light is sown

Johann Sebastian Bach

For the righteous light is sown

Wedding cantata

BWV 195


The Hochzeitskantate (Wedding Cantata) BWV 195 was performed by Bach from around 1730 at various wedding celebrations in different forms, and was evidently also lent out for performances further afield. The only surviving version of the work dates from the last years of Bach’s life. The opulently-scored first part begins and ends with grand choral movements, and Bach scored both parts for soloists and for chorus. At the centre of the cantata is an exceptionally sensitive bass aria, probably one of Bach’s most modern vocal compositions of all. A chorale movement (“Nun danket all and bringet Ehr”/ “Now thank we all and offer praise”) with obbligato horns concludes the cantata as the second part “after the consummation”.



96 Pages, DIN A4, livre de poche
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réduction pour piano

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    1 x jeu de parties séparées, parties pour orchestre d'harmonie, 3 x 3 trompettes, 2 x cors 1 et 2, 1 x flûte traversière 1, 1 x flûte traversière 2, 1 x hautbois 1, 1 x hautbois 2, 1 x timbales (31.195/09)
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