Peter Schindler: Circus Allegro

Peter Schindler

Circus Allegro

A Circus Musical for all kids under 100


Following the great success of this musical in German, it is now also available in English. Everything seems to be going wrong at "Circus Allegro". Bruno the Bear refuses to appear on stage, his assistant, Bella Stella, has disappeared, and finally, even the tiger escapes! Circus director Ricardo Grande has to improvise constantly. Luckily, his new assistant, clumsy August the Clown, always has a brilliant idea just at the right time. Despite all mishaps, the audience gets to experience a splendid circus evening. And in the middle of all the excitement, the tiger and Bella suddenly reappear. The audience is swept off its feet. Wherever the world-famous "Circus Allegro" appears, audiences shed tears of joy and are enchanted – visually, acoustically and emotionally. The individual numbers of this children's musical are composed in different styles and the songs can be performed either with an orchestra or just with a piano.



112 Pages, 25 x 32 cm, livre de poche
EUR65,00 / Ex.

réduction pour piano

64 Pages, 23 x 32 cm, livre de poche
EUR34,80 / Ex.

partition de chœur

32 Pages, DIN A4, sans couverture
EUR9,95 / Ex.
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A partir 20 Exemplar 9,95 EUR
A partir 40 Exemplar 8,96 EUR
A partir 60 Exemplar 7,96 EUR

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