Beethoven for choir


When one thinks about Beethoven’s choral compositions, one might think there is only one: the Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony. But that is not the case! As the Deutscher Jugendkammerchor has impressively proved with this recording, preoccupying oneself with Beethoven’s œuvre is more than worthwhile for any choir. Beethoven himself wrote a series of a cappella choral works, most of which are unknown today. Moreover, during his lifetime, composers had already arranged Beethoven's instrumental works for choir in order to express their veneration. The Deutsche Jugendkammerchor presents a selection of compositions from three centuries, including numerous first recordings. From Auld Lang Syne, penned by Beethoven, to a Kyrie by his contemporary Bierey after the first movement of the famous Moonlight Sonata, to modern song transcriptions by Clytus Gottwald – this CD brings together secular and sacred choral movements that vary greatly both in expression and style. A discovery!


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Das macht 'Beethoven für Chor' zur prall gefüllten Pralinenschachtel, die man Stück für Stück genießen sollte...
Jan-Geert Wolff, Pizzicato, 10.10.2019