Charles Gounod: Requiem en ut majeur

Charles Gounod

Requiem en ut majeur

CG op. Posth.


  • the first critical edition of the last work by Gounod
  • detailed foreword in three languages
  • critical Report with information about the source situation and the edition, and containing the individual readings (alternative readings, etc.)

Charles Gounod composed this Requiem under the impact of the death of his four-year-old grandson, Maurice. According to information handed down, while finishing the details of this work he was overtaken by death. It was published posthumously in various constellations by his pupil, Henri Busser, but the only complete version from the pen of Gounod is the version for large orchestra, which is published here for the first time in a critical edition.
Gounod’s Requiem, unlike many contemporary settings of the Mass of the Dead, is not characterized by darkness and terror. Rather, with all of its trepidation – expressed through a marked chromaticism – an atmosphere of hopeful expectation, of trust in the grace and equity of the divine judge predominates. This confidence finds its expression in the choice of the fundamental key of C major, which is rather unusual for a requiem. The work was given an impressive performance on the occasion of the first anniversary of Gounod’s death in the Parisian church of Sainte-Madeleine under the direction of Gabriel Fauré and it was highly acclaimed by the contemporary press.



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Die einzige vollständig aus der Feder Gounods stammende Version ist [...] die Fassung für großes Orchester, die bei Carus neu und erstmals in einer Kritischen Edition von Barbara Grossmann präsentiert wird , ihre Hauptquelle ist der postum herausgegebene Erstdruck.
Birger Petersen, Gottesdienst und Kirchenmusik, 3/2012

[...] vorbildlich im Hinblick auf Notensatz als auch durch ein umfangreiches Vorwort, das interessante Einblicke in die Entstehungsgeschichte und Rezeption des Werkes vermittelt.
Kirchenmusik im Bistum Aachen, Mai 2011