Johann Sebastian Bach: All glory to the Lord of Lords

Johann Sebastian Bach

All glory to the Lord of Lords

BWV 117, 1728/1731


The cantata “Sei Lob und Ehr dem höchsten Gut” (All glory to the Lord of Lords) BWV 117 is one of a small group of Bach’s chorale cantatas which use exclusively the text of the chorale, including in the three recitatives and three arias. Only the autograph score of the cantata survives; although this enables an approximate dating to be made (c. 1730), it does not give the occasion for which the cantata was written. The choice of chorale may indicate it was composed for a wedding. Recently it has been suggested that the occasion for its composition was the birthday of the Duke of Weißenfels in 1731; but there is no firm evidence to support either theory. The cantata opens with an extended movement for chorus in which Bach contrasts the concertante orchestra with festive, almost homophonic choral writing. This chorus movement is repeated at the end.  A simple chorale movement which comes fourth indicates that the nine-movement cantata was performed in two sections.



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