Uns ist ein Kind geboren. Konzerte und Arien zur Weihnacht


More than the music of all other eras, at Christmas the music of the Baroque enjoys continued popularity. Instead of the good old classics from Corelli, Bach and Handel, on this CD the tenor Hans Jörg Mammel and the Ensemble L’arpa festante present Baroque rarities definitely worth hearing. In addition to familiar names like Telemann and Zelenka, charming works by less well-known composers such as Bernhard, Bödecker or Vejvanowsky attract. Those who have searched desperately for new Christmas music will surely find here what they are looking for.


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12,5 x 14 cm, CD dans un écrin
EUR19,90 / Ex.

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L'arpa festante - Barockorchester München Plus d'information sur la personne

solist - ténor

Hans Jörg Mammel Plus d'information sur la personne


Hans Jörg Mammel weiß sich bei “L’arpa festante” in besten Händen, gestaltet mal innig, mal prächtig.
GrenzEcho, 10.12.2016

A very attractive and compelling programme of music for the Christmas period, well suited to repeated listening.
Johan van Veen, musicweb-international, November 2013

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