Johann Sebastian Bach: Praise the Lord, praise him and bless him

Johann Sebastian Bach

Praise the Lord, praise him and bless him

Cantata for 12th Sunday after Trinity



Bach’s Cantata BWV 69a of 1723, which has remained largely unknown to the present day, is now available for the first time in a practical edition with this Carus publication. It has been unjustly neglected as it was overshadowed by the Cantata BWV 69 of the same name, a piece which Bach reworked to celebrate the inauguration of Leipzig Town Council in 1748. On that occasion Bach re-used the parts from 1723 for simplicity, and adapted them for the new use by means of cuts, alterations, and additions – something which certainly did not mean that he rejected the 1723 version. This version can readily be recovered from the parts of 1723, if we explore beyond the alterations of 1748. With its rich wind instruments and great opening chorus, the 1723 cantata is in no way inferior to the later festive music in terms of musical splendor. The text takes the Gospel reading about the healing of the deaf and dumb man as a reason for praise and thanks for God’s good deeds. In contrast to the later version, in which God is thanked for the wisdom of the Leipzig authorities, the original version of 1723 is free of such contemporary references, and is suitable for use in worship and concerts in many different ways.



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Johann Sebastian Bach Plus d'information sur la personne


Das mit Holz- und Blechbläsern opulent besetzte Werk verlangt vom Chor einiges an Virtuosität und Ausdauer im von jubelnden Koloraturen nur so sprudelnden Eingangschor. Klanglich besonders reizvoll ist auch das Zusammenspiel von Flauto dolce, Oboe da caccia und Vokalsolisten in der Tenor-Arie.
Andreas Peterl, singende Kirche, 1/18


... Zum ersten Mal ist diese großartige »Urfassung« nun in einer praktischen Ausgabe zugänglich. ... Erleichtert werden das Einstudieren und die Aufführung durch den guten Satz der Ausgabe und die durchdachten Seitenwender. An allen Orten, wo dieses Feuerwerk des Gotteslobes erklingen soll, sei auf die Ausgabe des Carus Verlages verwiesen ...
Joachim Werz, Musica Sacra, 2/2018