Charles-Marie Widor: Symphonie pour Orgue No. IV

Charles-Marie Widor

Symphonie pour Orgue No. IV

op. 13,4


Widor’s early organ symphonies op. 13 have a quite special character because of their suite-like structure. And so the 4th Symphony delightfully combines classical forms such as toccata and fugue with Romantic character pieces. It includes the well-known Andante cantabile, which is one of the composer’s most beautiful slow movements. The Carus edition is based on the last edition published during Widor’s lifetime, issued Paris 1929. Corrections made by the composer after the edition of 1929 was published have been taken into consideration. In addition, for purposes of clarification, earlier print runs were consulted. Editorial suggestions on the performance of individual passages complete the edition.

Great organ works:
Series A:

- Symphony II op. 13 no. 2
- Symphony IV op. 13 no. 4
- Symphony V op. 42 no. 1
- Symphony VI op. 42 no. 2
- Symphony Romane op. 73 in preparation




56 Pages, 23 x 32 cm, livre de poche
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