Choralvorspiele für Orgel zum Gotteslob. 4 Bände im Paket

Choralvorspiele für Orgel zum Gotteslob. 4 Bände im Paket


The series Chorale Preludes for Organ for throughout the church year offers many exciting new discoveres for use in worship and concerts. Following the publication of the final volume, the four volumes are now available in a complete package. Distinguished composers from various European countries have contributed to the volumes, complemented by less well-known, but equally worthwhile pieces from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The series contains two volumes for Christmas and Easter, and two volumes for hymns throughout the year. This makes for a rich resource of chorale preludes. The works collected together here can be used for over 170 hymns from the Gotteslob (Catholic hymn book) and the Evangelisches Gesangbuch (Protestant hymn book). There is a complete index in the fourth volume.




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