Christoph Graupner: Christoph Graupner. Thematic Catalog of Musical Works

Christoph Graupner

Christoph Graupner. Thematic Catalog of Musical Works

Sacred Vocal Works. Church Cantatas: from Quasimodogeniti to Pentecost


Christoph Graupner (1683–1760) is one of the many composers who laid the groundwork for their careers as pupils at the St. Thomas school in Leipzig. After subsequently studying law in Leipzig he was initially employed as a harpsichordist at the Hamburg Opera, which was followed by his appointment to the position of Kapellmeister at the court of Darmstadt. He was selected for the position of Thomaskantor in 1723, but his patron in Darmstadt refused to release him. Graupner's more than 1,400 cantatas occupy a central position in the history of the Protestant church cantata. Here, for the first time, in this six-volume thematic catalog his entire opus is presented and elucidated by means of detailed incipits for each movement of each work, including all of the relevant information, such as scoring, history of the sources, dating and origin of the text. This Graupner catalog is an indispensable reference work for understanding the music of the Bach era.



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