Charles Gounod: Requiem en ut majeur

Charles Gounod

Requiem en ut majeur

CG op. Posth.


Charles Gounod composed the present Requiem under the impact of the death of his 4-year-old grandson, Maurice. According to legend, death overtook him as he was finishing the last details of this work. In 1895 it was published posthumously in various arrangements by his pupil Henri Busser. The work was heard in an impressive performance on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of the composer in St. Madeleine, under the direction of Gabriel Fauré and was highly praised in the contemporary press. The version for large orchestra (Carus 27.315) was first published in Spring 2011 in a critical edition. Version for small orchestra. In order to make the work accessible to a wider public Carus has presented an arrangments for choir and organ (Carus 27.315/45). An additional version for a small group of instruments is in preparation. The vocal and string parts are identical to the large version. In addition the oboe, clarinet and horn, as well as an independent organ part are employed.




120 Pages, DIN A4, livre de poche
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jeu de parties séparées, matériel d'orchestre complet

23 x 32 cm, sans couverture
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  • Contient
    3 x partie isolée, violon (27.315/11)
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    3 x partie isolée, violon 2 (27.315/12)
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    2 x partie isolée, alto (27.315/13)
    par: 4,20 €
    2 x partie isolée, violoncelle (27.315/14)
    par: 4,20 €
    2 x partie isolée, contrebasse (27.315/15)
    par: 4,20 €
    1 x jeu de parties séparées, parties pour orchestre d'harmonie, 1 x clarinette, 1 x cor, 1 x hautbois/cor anglais (27.315/59)
    par: 25,00 €
    1 x partie isolée, orgue (27.315/99)
    par: 25,80 €

partie isolée, orgue

28 Pages, 23 x 32 cm, sans couverture
EUR25,80 / Ex.

réduction pour piano

44 Pages, 19 x 27 cm, livre de poche
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partition de chœur

16 Pages, DIN A4, sans couverture
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