The recorder parts of his instrumental works in a performable Urtext edition


Johann Sebastian Bach's recorder parts are amongst the most delightful artisic challenges which baroque music has to offer players of this instrument. The four-volume Complete Edition of the recorder parts from Bach's cantatas and oratorios published in 2018 by Carus-Verlag (Carus 31.308) has been highly acclaimed by musicians. This is now followed by the present volume containing the three instrumental works in which Bach uses the recorder: the Brandenburg Concertos no. 2 in F major (BWV 1047) and no. 4 in G major (BWV 1049), and the Harpsichord Concerto in F major (BWV 1057). With this, the complete Bach recorder parts are now available from Carus-Verlag in Urtext editions.

As before with the four vocal music volumes, the instrumental volume offers the Urtext of the original sources in a practical layout, and is intended for use in rehearsal and performance alike. The musical text is augmented with comments on the three works, on the instrument, and on playing technique, as well as source details and bibliographic references.




44 Pages, 23 x 32 cm, livre de poche
EUR34,95 / Ex.

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