carus music, the choir app

carus music, the choir app

carus music, the choir app, helps choral singers with effective rehearsal preparation. This application, optimised for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), combines the best from publisher and CD label. All editions are based on carefully prepared Urtext music editions from Carus vocal scores synchronized with recordings by renowned interpreters. carus music contains innovative features for choral singers and musicians and the app sets new standards. There is a patent granted in the USA for this product.

The navigation is intuitive. Each bar can be selected directly, a music highlighter continuously synchronized with the music makes orientation easy, page-turning is either automatic or manual at the user's choice. As a special feature carus music offers a coach for learning your own choral part: when the coach is activated, the chosen choral part is played by a piano – as in a choir rehearsal. At the same time singers practice their part within the overall sound of choir and instruments – as in a concert. The coach is also available at a slow mode, so that fast or difficult passages can be practiced more easily.
 music received the BEST EDITION Prize 2016 from the German Music Publishers' Association! 





"For choir singers carus music, the choir app, is, in any case, already a very helpful tool; now it can start working everywhere – in the train, in a café, on a summer day in the park, just sitting on a blanket.…"
Kathrin Kreusel in WDR3 Tonart


"…an outstanding possibility to prepare for rehearsals."
Jelena Maywald in Chorzeit


"For choir singers like me, who have little time during the year to attend choir rehearsals regularly, carus music, the choir app .... is a great help."
Markus Gaßmann in Singen


New version

In our update carus music 2.4 are now all the innovations available we have already implemented for carus music 2.0. Unfortunately there has been a system error in version 2.0. Which was repaired by version 2.4. Some iOS users have applied to us that in version 2.4 the purchased works would not be available. If this is the case, you can follow the workaround, so the works are available again under My works and can be used by you.


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