Contemporary composers

Publishing contemporary choral works is our contribution to today's vibrant choral music scene. Carus publishes works known for their individuality, originality and practicality, eminently suitable for amateur choirs.
  • Clytus Gottwald

    Gottwald’s transcriptions of songs and instrumental works for vocal ensemble, distinguished by their highly sophisticated sound, have become firmly established in choral repertoire throughout the world in recent years.

  • Knut Nystedt

    The major sacred works by the Norwegian composer Knut Nystedt are influenced by Palestrina and Gregorian chant. The choral works are full of rhythmic refinement, and are distinguished by their high degree of memorability. They have been widely acclaimed on the international choral scene.


  • Damijan Mocnik

    Mocnik’s sacred choral works are characterized in particular by flowing musical structures. Each work has numerous dramatic turns with rich, unusual, and sometimes mysterious sounds.

  • Thomas Gabriel

    Thomas Gabriel is a church musician, composer, and arranger. In his compositions, with their emphasis on new sacred music, he succeeds in bridging the gap between his characteristic artistic approach and the musical requirements and abilities of church congregations. Gabriel is editor of the official Klavierbuch zum Gotteslob.

  • Ko Matsushita

    Ko Matsushita approaches choral music as a composer, conductor, and teacher in many different ways. He composes and arranges choral works which are performed worldwide. At the same time he is active as conductor and artistic director of 14 choirs whose outstanding achievements have consistently been recognized in international competitions.

  • Peter Schindler

    Peter Schindler’s works include chansons, instrumental pieces, sacred works, music for ballet and the theater, as well as musicals, stage works, and songs for children and young people.