Anniversaries of composers

For the planning of your program we have listed some composer anniversaries in the coming years.



Anniversaries 2020

Ludwig van Beethoven 1770–1827 250th anniversary
Max Bruch 1838–1920 100th anniversary of death
Antonio Caldara 1670–1736 350th anniversary
Gabriel Fauré 1845–1924 175th anniversary
Gottlieb Muffat 1690–1770 250th anniversary of death
Henry Purcell 1659–1695 325th anniversary of death
John Rutter *1945 75th anniversary
Louis Vierne 1870–1937 150th anniversary
Jan Disma Zelenka 1679–1745 275th anniversary of dath

Anniversaries 2021

Daniel-François Auber 1782–1871 150th anniversary of death
Josquin Desprez 1440–1521 500th anniversary of death
Rudolf Mauersberger 1889–1971 50th anniversary of death
Michael Praetorius 1571–1621 400th anniversary of death
Camille Saint-Saëns 1835–1921 100th anniversary of death
Jan P. Sweelinck 1562–1621 400th anniversary of death

Anniversaries 2022

César Frank 1822–1890 200th anniversary of death
Johann Kuhnau 1660–1722 300th anniversary of death
Heinrich Schütz 1585–1672 350th anniversary of death

Anniversaries 2023

William Byrd 1543–1623 400th anniversary of death
Pablo Casals 1876–1973 50th anniversary of death
Sergei Rachmaninow 1873–1873 150th anniversary
Max Reger 1873–1916 150th anniversary
Johann Schelle 1648–1701 375th anniversary





Choral Collection Beethoven

The anniversary edition for all choirs! With their extensive forces and complex parts, the performance of Beethoven's choral-symphonic works is hugely demanding for many choirs. For the...

choral collection, conductor's score, with CD

Vierne: Complete Organ Works

The six Symphonies represent the most important group of Vierne's organ compositions. With these works he carried on the splendid French tradition of this genre bringing it to its peak. Vierne's...


Jan Dismas Zelenka: Missa Sancti Josephi

Jan Dismas Zelenka’s Missa Sancti Josephi occupies a key position among his circa twenty large masses. In this mass, probably composed in 1732 for a feast of a Saint (thus, without a Credo),...

full score

Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 9. Finale

It’s about 200 years since Beethoven scribbled down a theme in D minor in his sketch book, which he later used, slightly altered, in the 2nd movement of his 9th Symphony. Beethoven had thought...

vocal score