Anniversaries of composers

For the planning of your program we have listed some composer anniversaries in the coming years.


Anniversaries 2017


Johann Jacob Froberger


350th anniversary of death

Claudio Monteverdi


450th anniversary

Justin Heinrich Knecht


200th anniversary of death

Zóltan Kodaly


50th anniversary of death

Georg Philipp Telemann 1681–1767 250th anniversary of death
Niels Wilhelm Gade 1817–1890 200th anniversary
Heinrich Isaac 1450–1517 500th anniversary of death
Felix Petyrek 1892–1951 125th anniversary
Gioachino Rossini 1792–1868 225th anniversary
Antonio Scandello 1517–1580 500th anniversary
Antonio Lotti 1667–1740 350th anniversary

Anniversaries 2018

Charles Gounod


200th anniversary

Giachino Rossini

1792–1868 150th anniversary of death
Adriano Banchieri 1568–1634 450th anniversary
Leonard Bernstein 1918–1990 100th anniversary
Lili Boulanger 1893–1918 125th anniversary
William Byrd 1543–1623 475th anniversary
Francois Couperin 1668–1733 350th anniversary
Josef Friedrich Doppelbauer 1918–1989 100th anniversary
Heinrich von Herzogenberg 1843–1900 175th anniversary
Johannes H. E . Koch 1918–2013 100th anniversary
Claude Debussy 1862–1918 100th anniversary of death
Marc-Antoine Charpentier 1643–1704 375th anniversary
Anniversaries 2019    
Johann C. Altnikol 1719–1759 300th anniversary
Johann Nikolaus Bach 1669–1753 350th anniversary
Louis-Hector Berlioz 1803–1869 150th anniversary of death
Johann Samuel Beyer 1669–1744 350th anniversary
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber 1644–1704 375th anniversary
Leonardo Leo 1694–1744 325th anniversary
Antonio Bertali 1605–1669 350th anniversary of death
Carl Loewe 1796–1869 150th anniversary of death
Leopold Mozart 1719–1787 300th anniversary
Johann Rosenmüller 1619–1694 400th anniversary
Clara Schumann 1819–1896 200th anniversary
Franz von Suppé 1819–1895 200th anniversary
Anniversaries 2020    
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770–1827 250th anniversary
Max Bruch 1838–1920 100th anniversary of death
Antonio Caldara 1670–1736 350th anniversary
Gottlieb Muffat 1690–1770 250th anniversary of death
Louis Vierne 1870–1937 150th anniversary