Choral music by Ludwig van Beethoven

In 2020 the music world will celebrate the anniversary of one of the most influential composers in the history of music: Ludwig van Beethoven. Many of his compositions are seminal works which have had a lasting influence on subsequent generations of artists. With the inclusion of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as the very first composition in its "Memory of the World" World Heritage List, UNESCO has paid homage to this outstanding artistic personality at the beginning of the 21st century. The instrumental version of the last movement was officially adopted as the anthem of the European Union in the 1980s.

Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020 will be an occasion for orchestras and choirs throughout the world to perform this famous work. Beethoven himself regarded his Missa solemnis as his most important work. And he held his earlier setting of the mass, the Mass in C major, in high regard throughout his career. The work reveals a wealth of expression in the liturgical text which looked far beyond Beethoven’s time.

Beethoven vocal

With the Beethoven vocal project, Carus is making accessible Beethoven’s choral music. The two masses are available in modern Urtext editions, and for the final movement of the 9th Symphony a practical performing vocal score has been newly arranged. Many other choral works, including a Beethoven choral collection and his only oratorio "Christus am Ölberge", complete our vocal program. We offer practical support for rehearsing these major works with carus music, the choir app, or our practice CDs in the Carus Choir Coach series.

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Beethoven: Missa solemnis

Beethoven repeatedly described the Missa solemnis as his greatest work, intended to affect and move people. His labor on the composition was long and intense; the work is not regarded as the most...

Compact Disc

Beethoven: Messe in C

With its tonal language of subjective avowal, the first of Beethoven’s two masses opens up new worlds of expression for the liturgical texts of the Mass which are expressly modern and point...

full score

Beethoven: Missa solemnis

Beethoven described his Missa solemnis as his greatest work several times, a work which, coming "from the heart," was to touch and move audiences. The surviving sources enable us to recognize...

full score

Beethoven: Meeres Stille und Glückliche Fahrt

Beethoven’s Meeres Stille und Glückliche Fahrt (Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage) op. 112 for four-part mixed chorus and symphony orchestra – his setting of a pair of poems by Johann Wolfgang...

full score

Choral Collection Beethoven

The anniversary edition for all choirs! With their extensive forces and complex parts, the performance of Beethoven's choral-symphonic works is hugely demanding for many choirs. For the...

choral collection, conductor's score, with CD

Beethoven: Christus am Ölberge

With its magnificent, almost operatic music, Christus am Ölberge ( The Mount of Olives ) is a different ­Passion oratorio which is definitely worth hearing and ­experiencing – and in this...

full score

Ludwig van Beethoven: Missa solemnis

Das Beethoven-Jubiläum ist der Anlass für eine ganz besondere Einführung in sein wohl größtes Vokalwerk – die Missa solemnis . Als erster Band der Reihe Wort//Werk//Wirkung von Carus...

book, with CD

Ludwig van Beethoven: Elegiac Song

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Elegiac Song in memory of Eleonore Pasqualati, the wife of his long-standing friend and patron Johann Baptist Freiherr von Pasqualati zu Osterberg, who died...

full score

Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 9. Finale

It’s about 200 years since Beethoven scribbled down a theme in D minor in his sketch book, which he later used, slightly altered, in the 2nd movement of his 9th Symphony. Beethoven had thought...

vocal score

  • Frieder Bernius about Beethovens Missa solemnis op. 123

    This film shows the making-of the CD-recording of the Missa solemnis by Ludwig van Beethoven with Frieder Bernius. Have a look!

  • And there are marvellous things to discover!

    A film with editor Jan Schumacher about the Choral Collection Beethoven.

  • A sacrilege or a stroke of genius? - Kyrie based on the Kyrie of the so-called "Moonlight Sonata"

    Gain an impression of this arrangement by Gottlob Benedict Bierey, who orchestrated the first movement of the famous "Moonlight Sonata" and added a four-part choral movement to it.

    What would Beethoven have said about that?

  • Beethoven vocal - Choral Music from Carus

    Take a look inside our Beethoven catalog!