Choral music by Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi's works are particularly important for Carus, as the first edition to be published by Carus was his Gloria. Marking the 275th anniversary of Vivaldi's death this year, we have made three of the Italian master's works, the Gloria, the Magnificat and the Credo, available in carus music, the choir app.
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Vivaldi: Gloria in D. Carus Choir Coach.

The Carus Choir Coach offers choir singers the unique opportunity to study and learn their own, individual choral parts within the context of the sound of of the entire choir and orchestra. For...


Vivaldi: Gloria in D. carus music

It’s one thing above all, a magnificent choral work! Of course there are also solo movements, but the choir has the lion’s share of the musical action and has not only a lot to sing, but very...


Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria in D

The Gloria in D Major RV 589 is Vivaldi's most famous sacred work and it is among his most important church music compositions. An independent work in one movement, it was probably composed...

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