Daniel Elder


A propos de la personne

As a writer of choral, vocal, and instrumental music, Daniel Elder (b. 1986) ties these genres together to create forms and aesthetics that are at once lyrical and textural,with inspirations widely drawn from the contrapuntal roots of early sacred music through the adventurous and programmatic nature of early twentieth-century genres. Critics have hailed his works as “deeply affecting,” with emotional evocations ranging from lush lyricism to jagged polyphony. In the USA Elder’s compositions have been extensively performed by high school All-State and regional honors choirs as well as renowned college ensembles at both regional and national conferences. Internationally he has been performed as part of Italy’s Montu’ Beccaria Festival and a recent recording in London by the Grammy Award-winning Eric Whitacre Singers. The first major recording of Daniel's choral works, "The Heart's Reflection - Music of Daniel Elder" was released in October 2013 by the renowned Westminster Choir and Naxos of America. Daniel is also published by GIA Publications, Inc. (Chicago, IL) and Imagine Music (Medina, NY). Learn more at www.danieleldermusic.com.