Ernani Aguiar


A propos de la personne

Ernani Aguiar is a Brazilian composer, choral conductor, and musicologist. A scholarship winner at the Argentine Mozarteum, Aguiar studied under various composers and conductors in South America and later in Europe, including the conductor Sergiu Celibidache. As a musicologist, he has specialized in the revising, editing, and revival of works by composers of the 18th century from the Minas Gerais School. He has written a number of instrumental pieces, but his most famous works are his choral pieces, such as the fi ery Salmo 150 (1993), which features rhythmic backgrounds with very a rapid articulation. Salmo 150 has proven to be a very popular piece among choral conductors worldwide. He is currently a professor of music at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a fellow of the Villa-Lobos Institute, and a member of the Academia Brasileira de Música.