Edward H. Tarr


A propos de la personne

Edward H. Tarr has belonged to the international trumpet elite for more than twenty years. The first trumpeters of the Boston and Chicago Symphony Orchestras are among his main trumpet teachers. In addition he received a Ph. D. degree in musicology from Hamburg University. Tarr is a pioneer in the reintroduction of historical brass instruments and has made over 100 recordings on Baroque trumpet, Romantic trumpet in low F, and cornetto, whilst not neglecting the modern instrument. He has toured all over the world, is an adviser to several musical instrument makers (R. Egger in Basel and Yamaha), and has produced scholarly editions of the most important trumpet concerti. For The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, first and second editions (London 1980 and 2001, 29 volumes), he wrote over seventy articles. His book, The Trumpet (Third Revised and Expanded Edition, Chandler AZ, Hickman Music Editions 2008), is the standard work. In addition, Tarr is working for Carus, together with Uwe Wolf from the Leipzig Bach Archive, on the seven-volume collection BACH FOR BRASS. Tarr taught from 1972 to 2001 at the Basel Music Academy (Musikhochschule and Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) and was director of the Bad Saeckingen Trumpet Museum from 1985 to 2004. He presently holds a professorship in the Karlsruhe University of Music (Musikhochschule). He has been a member of the brass quintet Concert Brass since 1992, and a duo partner with the organist-pianist Irmtraud Tarr since 1980.