Arrangements by Bach

Arrangements by Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach appreciated good compositions by other masters, as is clear from contemporary reports and from a glance at what remains of the contents of his music library. It is a fact, however, that in copies of other composers' works which he made for his own use he seldom failed to make corrections here and there. For performances in Leipzig pieces sometimes had to be altered to comply with local liturgical regulations. Sometimes the text or the scoring did not comply with Bach's expectations. The best example of this is provided by the famous Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, which Bach adapted for a performance as a Protestant penitential composition with German words and an enlarged orchestra. Bach's choice of compositions and his versions of them make the contents of his music library an equally valuable and revealing repertoire for performance.

Antonio Lotti: Missa Sapientiae

Antonio Lotti’s Kyrie in G minor and Gloria in G major are found together under the title Missa Sapientiae in a score which belonged to the Dresden church musician Jan Dismas Zelenka....

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Johann Christoph Pez: Mass in A minor

Johann Sebastian Bach knew the value of good compositions by other composers, as is evidenced by contemporary accounts and by looking through the remains of his music library. However, in certain...

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Palestrina: Masses and individual movements

During his lifetime Johann Sebastian Bach compiled an extensive music library, which today can only be reconstructed in a fragmentary manner. It reflects Bach’s continued curiosity to learn about...

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Francesco Durante: Mass in C minor

Johann Sebastian Bach was able to appreciate good works by other composers, as is shown by contemporary accounts, and by a glimpse into what remains of his music library. Francesco Durante,...

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Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: Missa brevis

Johann Sebastian Bach trug im Laufe seines Lebens eine umfangreiche musikalische Bibliothek zusammen, die sich heute nur noch bruchstückhaft rekonstruieren lässt. Sie spiegelt Bachs bereits in...

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