Complete Edition of the Sacred Vocal Works

The Sacred Vocal Music. Complete Edition in 23 volumes

edited by Ulrich Leisinger and Uwe Wolf in collaboration with the Bach Archive Leipzig

  • Complete sacred vocal music published by Carus at the conclusion of the Bach vocal editorial project in a high-quality complete edition
  • For study and performance: the authoritative Urtext of the Stuttgart Bach Edition
  • Individual volumes edited by internationally-recognized Bach experts and interpreters, including Christine Blanken, Pieter Dirksen, Wolfram Enßlin, Andreas Glöckner, Klaus Hofmann, Ulrich Leisinger, Masaaki Suzuki, Uwe Wolf and Peter Wollny
  • Complete performance material for all works available for sale: Full score, study score, vocal score, choral score, and the complete orchestral parts
  • Reader-Friendly format (19 x 27 cm, like a vocal score), also suitable for conducting
  • 12.500 pages - 248 works - 23 volumes - 3 slip cases



Trailblazers and editors now report on this large-scale project in our film:


Johann Sebastian Bach: The Sacred Vocal Music

With the Bach vocal project, we are publishing Johann Sebastian Bach's complete sacred vocal music in a high-quality complete edition: This up-to-date Bach Edition – over 12,500 pages of...

package, Set with study scores