Masses by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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The fact that Mozart was also an expert practitioner in church music is reflected in the tremendous enduring popularity of his masses. These combine compositional quality and beauty of sound, suitability for liturgical use, pared-down vocal demands and reduced instrumental scoring in a way which is seldom found. Because of their varied scorings they offer a rewarding repertoire for choirs with different forces. 14 of the 16 masses written in Salzburg belong to the genre of “Missa brevis” and do not exceed the duration of 25 minutes which was required there; six of them are scored for just the “Viennese church trio” (2 violins and basso continuo), such as the Pastoralmesse KV 140, and with the others, the wind scoring is expanded in different ways (for example, in the Krönungsmesse / Coronation Mass KV 317). The sections of the C Minor Mass written in Vienna in 1783 contrast with these masses both in terms of dimensions and forces required. All Mozart's sacred works are published by Carus in critical new editions.